World Class Tourist Attraction: Twin Lakes, Do not Believe but Real

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Solok, Prokabar — If you go to West Sumatra, Indonesia, then nature will deliver to an exotic area called Twin Lakes. Here the temperature is 14 to 23 degrees. In the morning or night, even in the afternoon, people swarm in sarong. Vegetable oil in a bottle, frozen. Coffee was served, it was cold for an instant. Rain will usually fall 146 days in a year. Every day the average sunlight can be felt for 6 hours.

The expanse of onion fields imparts beauty to the eyes. Not to mention the expanse of dewy tea gardens, the best selfie place. This is the government-owned Lake Kembar Tea Plantation, stretching over 605.18 hectares of land, located in Kayu Juo Village, Mount Talang.

Foto instagram @s.memori

Foto instagram @s.memori

A resort between two lakes, like taking you jumping off somewhere, so dazzling. The rights of the Twin Lakes, have one little brother named Lake Talang, is on the cheek of Mount Talang (2,597 masl). Twin lakes in Alahan Panjang are at 1,600 mpdl.

From Padang about 2 hours drive, through the hill side of Sitinjau Sea, the best point of view is Padang from a height. Along the way you will be treated to a panoramic view of nature with an almost endless jungle, in the middle of which runs a smooth road to the east. We are going to the Twin Lakes that store their beauty carefully for every visitor, especially guests from far away, mainland Asian countries.

Twin Lakes one on the left one on the right, also called Lake Diateh and Lake Below. Both of these lakes are like a paradise on earth. Lake Below 4,324 mi², while Lake Above 4,749 mi². You can be at one point so that the two lakes are visible. To the left, looking to the right, the lake is waiting for the visitor’s camera shots.

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You can spend the night here, treated to cold temperatures, while eating roasted corn or boiled sweet potatoes. And in the morning, you will be ambushed by a fantastic view, not believing but true. A pine tree that grew pierced the sky, and laughed blindingly in the wind. Then walk while biting your own body wrapped in a thick jacket.

By noon, you can take a walk to the farmer’s vegetable fields, the heart and the source of West Sumatra’s needs. This is the Twin Lakes in Alahan Panjang, a world-class tourist attraction. (nrs/iko)

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